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Carlisle Management Company selected as Leading Adviser and featured in Acquisition International’s October 2015 Special Issue

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Recently, Acquisition International selected Carlisle Management Company as the Leading Adviser for Luxembourg, featuring our company in the October Special Issue of their publication. Acquisition International,  whose focus is global corporate finance, has rapidly risen to become the publication of choice for more than 108,000 subscribers in over 170 countries and regularly attracts editorial submissions from some of the biggest players on the global corporate landscape. Alongside their monthly publication, they also produce a website that is updated daily with the latest news, features, opinion and comment, again in conjunction with a host of top-level advisors, experts and businesspeople.

Carlisle, who has won multiple awards from Acquisition International over the last year, was selected as the exclusive adviser in Luxembourg for AI’s Leading Adviser Program, which offers special publications on a periodic basis regarding market trends and investment news. The management team at Carlisle is pleased with the appointment, a strong validation that the company’s efforts to become a trusted leader in the marketplace are positively taking form.

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