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Whether your investment strategy depends on steady returns, or you seek investments with low volatility, Life Settlements offer a variety of options.

Early Market Entry
What sets the life settlement market apart from other more time and resource intensive investment strategies is that there are few barriers to entry. AM Best reported that the life settlement market has grown exponentially, with more investments over the last twelve months than in the last seven years combined – an estimated $10 - $15 billion. With strong demand from institutional investors, and an extremely loyal customer base, the Carlisle Life Settlement Funds and its select partners have become well-established in the secondary life insurance market.

Positive Market Growth
The U.S. life settlement industry continues to experience significant growth, with an estimated $15 billion annually in transaction volume, and is expected to reach $160 billion in the next two decades. The driving force behind the expansion is the booming senior market, now entering retirement age, and their needs for sophisticated financial options. Today’s seniors are active, financially savvy and claim a stake in the $19.5 trillion in life insurance held by consumers and businesses. As life settlement transactions become an ever more popular tool for financial advisors, we believe the majority of the growth lies ahead.

Historically Attractive Returns
When compared with other asset classes, life settlements have consistently generated attractive long-term results.

Transactional Simplicity
Some investment strategies offer little to no transparency, leaving the client in the dark. Life settlements however, offer transactional simplicity. Life settlements are legal agreements that allow life insurance policy owners to sell the policy for a fixed settlement amount. Once the policy is sold, the ownership rights are irrevocably transferred from the original owner. The strategy of the Carlisle Life Settlement Funds revolves around providing multiple investment options; with technologies that facilitate more transparent transactions along with the analytic and accurate reporting, that lead the asset class.

Limited Credit Risk
Life insurance has traditionally been one of the most protected and highly regulated financial tools in the United States. The guarantors or creditors are highly rated insurance companies that represent limited, if any, credit risk. For example, no United States carrier has ever neglected to pay a legitimate insurance claim. As an added protection, unlike nearly all public companies, insurance carriers are heavily regulated and are required to maintain extensive reserve requirements in each state.

Market Stability
The demand for market neutral investment strategies is propelling the life settlement marketplace, as debt and equity markets currently struggle around the world. The life settlement marketplace is not only a new asset class, but also offers investors a wide range of investment options with minimal correlation to equities, interest rate changes, or other financial markets. As capital sources continue to search for stable returns and low volatility, life settlements are already playing a significant role in the asset allocation strategies of leading banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and mutual funds.

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