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While an estimated $12 Billion in Life Settlement transactions take place annually, our experience has shown that transactional expertise in the market is fragmented. At The Carlisle Life Settlement Funds, our managers have not only pioneered various aspects of the Life Settlement market, but have invested significant time, money and resources in creating direct origination relationships. Our managers utilize long-standing partner marketing facilities to provide investors with the most efficient policy acquisition strategies. As a result, the Carlisle Life Settlement Funds underwrite only the highest investment grade assets while realizing higher margins on transactions.
Carlisle Management Company’s success in marketing comes from years of experience, strategy testing, monitoring and refining our approach to the life settlement industry. Our market intelligence allows us to anticipate changes, identify new sources of policies and participate in the market as a leader. Our team relies heavily on effective communication strategies to reduce new customer acquisition expenses, maintain transparency and boost return on capital invested.

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