Xavier Deu

Business Development

Mr. Deu created Grupo Misame, a Spanish firm that developed a new   approach to allow the dual ownership of residential real state by families   and investors, and allow for securitization of such mortgage related   product. Under Grupo Misame, developed several consulting projects  among them for the Government of Andorra and the Government of   Catalonia in Spain. Prior to Grupo Misame developed several consulting   tasks, among them as Consultant for the Homebuilders Association of  Andorra, the Ministry of Economics in Andorra, in de development and  implementation of future economic laws. In the US, worked at The Riskmetrics Group, spin-off of J.P. Morgan, in the sales & Marketing department. Before joining Riskmetrics worked as a trader for several years and before developed several tasks on distribution for financial products for several firms in the US.  Xavier holds a degree in Economics from the University Autonomous of Barcelona and a Masters in International Finance and Economics from Brandeis University.  

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