The Luxembourg Life Funds represent a commitment to excellence in customer service that is visible through our work and communications.

Foundation of Trust

We believe our independence and heritage as a private company have given Carlisle and the Luxembourg Life Fund brand a very strong ethos, based on the enduring values of loyalty and integrity. We see this combination as the bedrock of our brand.

70+ Years of Life Settlement Experience

Carlisle is unusual among life settlement companies: we have been in the business since its early inception. Collectively, we have a remarkable range and depth of ‘know–how’ in longevity - contingent assets, based on active participation in the secondary and tertiary life insurance markets. This background provided us with a strong network of global contacts, and allows us to build on our unrivaled expertise in life settlement providers, brokerages and capital market participants.

A Smarter Approach

We believe in providing capital sources with the life settlement investment opportunities that outperform the market. Our funds were designed for investors seeking greater sophistication in infrastructure, mortality and liquidity profile. We offer a smarter approach to investing and include mark-to-market valuations, favorable domicile, and advanced mortality modeling, both in open and closed-end formats.

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We offer unique options to a diverse range of investors.