Long Term Growth Fund

What Sets Us Apart

It all started with one simple, yet powerful idea: purchasing life insurance in the secondary and tertiary markets at a discount that can produce high returns. The advantage of this transaction, known as a life settlement, is that it provides an opportunity for attractive returns even in turbulent market conditions. Today, the Luxembourg Life Funds are open to investors who want access to the secondary life insurance market, with medium- to long-term strategies and minimal correlation to traditional asset classes or financial markets.

Fund Strategy

The Long Term Growth Fund is an open-end mutual fund whose strategy is to purchase carefully selected life insurance policies that are beyond the contestability period. These are mainly sourced through secondary markets, although also complemented through tertiary transactions. The Fund seeks to build a large diversified portfolio across numerous sectors, including but not limited to carrier concentration, expected maturities, gender, age, medical impairment, geography and face value size. In order to properly implement a buy and hold strategy, the fund seeks to isolate mortality risk and build a large sample size. Since majority of policies are held through maturity, the managers employ extremely detailed actuarial and financial analysis to ensure that policies purchased are accounted for longevity risk as well as other variables of the statistical profile. That implies that policy selection process and pricing depends on actuarial analysis. Policies are marked to market on a monthly basis to portray an accurate view of the market value of assets. At the same time the Management Company continuously trades the policies to monetize returns and provide extra liquidity in addition to maturities, if it feels that the market conditions are optimum.  The Long Term Growth Fund provides investors with an open-end investment option into life settlements.

How to Invest?

To invest within any of the sub-fund within the Luxembourg Life Funds is simple and straightforward. Please request any of our prospectus and additional investor information on life settlements and mortality linked investments.

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