Complaint Policy

Filing a Complaint

In line with the regulations applicable to our regulated status, a “Complaints Handling Policy” has been put in place by our Management and approved by our Board of managers. As a client, you are entitled through a simple request, at any time, to be provided with a copy of our Complaints Handling Policy, together with a copy of the CSSF Regulation 16/07 relating to out-of-court complaint resolution.

Should our services not meet your expectations:
– Feel free to contact in the first place, the primary relationship manager in charge for your file, by email or phone.
– In case you are not satisfied, in all respects of the processing of your request, you have the possibility to file a written official complaint to the person responsible for clients’ complaints management.
– The details of the manager responsible for complaints management are as follows:

Mr Tim Mol
Carlisle Management Company
9 Rue Sainte Zithe
Luxembourg City, L-2763 Luxembourg

– The complaints Manager will ensure that you are contacted promptly in order to solve, to the possible extent and with your cooperation, the object of your complaint, and address the situation. Our procedures establish that a response must be provided to you within 15 working days following receipt of your complaint letter.

– Should the response still not satisfy your expectations, please be aware that the CSSF is competent to receive complaints from customers of the professionals subject to its supervision and to act as an intermediary in order to seek an amicable settlement to the received complaints.
– Opening an out-of-court complaint resolution procedure with the CSSF is subject to the condition that the complaint has been dealt with by the Management of Carlisle beforehand. In this respect, the complaint must have been first submitted in writing to the Complaints Manager.
– The CSSF acts in its capacity as dispute resolution body, notably pursuant to the European legislation relating to the out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes that was transposed into Luxembourg national law and introduced into the Consumer Code in 2016.
– The complaints are processed by the legal department “Consumer Protection/Financial Crime”.
– In case where one month after having sent your complaint to the Complaints Manager, you have neither received a satisfactory answer nor an acknowledgement of receipt from Carlisle, you can apply for an out-of-court resolution of your complaint with the CSSF. In this case, please use the form below and follow the instructions specified therein:
– Within 90 days following receipt of a valid request (as defined in Article 4 of CSSF Regulation N° 16/07), the CSSF will provide the parties with a reasoned conclusion that will remain non-binding to the parties.
– It is worth noting that:
• The 90 days period may be extended in case of high complex file,
• The parties are offered the possibility but are not under the obligation, to use the services of a lawyer or advisor to use this procedure.
– For a better information about the conditions required to have recourse to the CSSF in an out-of-court resolution process, please find below a link to the CSSF regulation N° 16-07 relating to out-of-court complaint resolution:

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