Carlisle Management Company SCA Triumphs in Prestigious Industry Awards

29 January, 2015
Carlisle Management Company SCA Triumphs in Prestigious Industry Awards

27 January 2015

United Kingdom – Carlisle Management SCA has been named Best Fund Manager – Luxembourg & Best European Long-Term Growth Fund (Luxembourg Life Fund FCP SIF), in the Acquisition International Hedge Fund Awards 2015.

The Hedge Fund Awards recognise the achievements of those working within the investment and financial services community – from asset managers, wealth managers, private bankers and financial planners to brokers, banks, family offices, financial advisory firms and consultants.

The awards pay homage to the leading professionals for going above and beyond in assisting their clients with managing their wealth, planning for the future of their business or their family and for providing sound advice in all areas of finance.

Acquisition Internetional has welcomed nominations for firms throughout the globe, from very small niche practices to large corporations and have ensured that those who do go on to win one of these highly sought-after awards have been selected on merit and are based upon the votes received, the further evidence supplied and based on our own in-house research.

In naming Carlisle Management SCA Best Fund Manager – Luxembourg, Acquisition International was impressed with the firm’s thorough approach to fund management. Specializing in both open-ended investment funds and related private equity fund transactions, Carlisle considers itself to be a holistic investment and fund manager, assuming a wide range of tasks over the entire life cycle of the investment, constantly monitoring economic conditions, market and sector developments as well as regulatory changes.

The Luxembourg Life Fund FCP SIF offers a multitude of alternative asset structures, investment funds and portfolio managers. Acquisition International, which has named the fund Best European Long-Term Growth Fund, feels the Luxembourg Life Fund rises above the competition through a unique approach to investment management as well as its basis in a distinctive, emerging asset class known as life settlements.

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