Gonzalo Prieto

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Gonzalo Prieto

Gonzalo is an accomplished finance professional with extensive experience, currently serving as the Business Development and Investor Relations Director at Carlisle in Luxembourg. With a proven track record, Gonzalo excels in cultivating strategic partnerships with key industry stakeholders, securing funding from an array of high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, and overseeing all aspects of distribution.

In his prior role as Fund Administrator at Aztec Group, Gonzalo served as the primary client contact, managing various facets of fund transactions for both onshore and offshore funds. His expertise extends to addressing client inquiries, maintaining compliance procedures, and ensuring effective communication with global stakeholders. Additionally, Gonzalo brings valuable banking experience, having worked as a bank clerk at Caja Rural, where he provided expert consultation for business-to-business transactions and managed a diverse range of banking products.

Gonzalo holds a Bachelor of Business Management and Administration from Universidad de León, and during his time at Budapest Business School, he focused on business design, economics, and various business disciplines. Known for his diverse skill set, including deals, language proficiency, and a range of business and financial competencies, Gonzalo is a dedicated professional committed to excellence. His ability to secure funding from a broad spectrum of professional investors showcases his unique talent and positions him as a valuable asset in the financial industry.