Ward Kerr

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Ward H. Kerr has made his mark in the Life Settlement Insurance Industry. Mr. Kerr has substantial industry experience and knowledge in the Life Settlement Industry, as well as a reputation for success. As one of the founders of Life Equity, Ward H. Kerr has a result orientated perspective within his function as the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer, building an unparalleled sourcing and acquisition network with the industry, while representing some of the world’s largest institutional investors in the Life Settlements space. Over the course of his career, Mr. Kerr was successful in purchasing and servicing over $7 billion in face value. Ward Kerr successfully developed and implemented a multi-level purchasing platform that could represent several funds at the same time, while maintaining complete transparency throughout the purchase process, he also helped create and develop multiple brokerage outlets throughout the US Life Settlements market.

Mr. Kerr has now put his vast experience and knowledge to work with Carlisle Management Company, a leading regulated investment management firm specializing in Life Settlements, as its head of acquisitions. Joining forces with long time industry colleagues Jose C. Garcia and Christopher Winters, Mr. Kerr has reaffirmed, Carlisle’s acquisitions and portfolio management teams as the most experience, knowledgeable and boasting the longest successful track record in the Life Settlements industry.