Philip Neuman


Philip Neuman has an extensive background in the field of asset based, fund management and financial structures.  Mr. Neuman is the   founder of the Neuman Companies,  He has over 20 years of   experience in financial operational management, mergers &   acquisitions. Mr. Neuman together with some of the world’s most   sophisticated banks recently developed and operated life settlement   leverage facilities within the secondary market for life insurance.   Earlier in his career, from approximately 1986 through 2004 Mr.   Neuman’s primary focus was in the Real Estate Development sector owning and operating both Commercial and Residential Development companies as well as establishing related business entities including heavy equipment, general contracting, and building supply companies. Mr. Neuman is also known as an industry leader in the development of “Free Standing” Credit Tenant Developments nationwide with Developments in New Jersey, New York, Nevada as well as Arizona.  Mr. Neuman attended Columbia University School of Engineering and applied Sciences, where he also served as Technology consultant to the University Security and Personnel departments.

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